A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

What is this Game?

Massacre Monday was made in a weekend for Ludum Dare 33! You are the monster, driven by an innate desire to smash everything you see, with no regard for human life. Avoid the military and police, who will stop at nothing to take you out before you can cause too much mayhem.

You can view/vote on the Ludum Dare entry page here:




  • W/A/S/D: Move the monster around
  • Space: Smash attack
  • ESC: Exit game
  • B: Disable bloom shader effect (slight performance increase)


  • Left analog stick: Move the monster around
  • Any face button: Smash attack

Who are We?

We are a two man team from Warrior General Games, creators of Goal Line Blitz 1 and 2, Mighty Brawlers, and our last Ludum Dare entry, Glorch's Great Escape (which is currently on Steam Greenlight).

You can follow our lead developer on Twitter: @wg_phancock if you want to keep tabs on what we're up to.

Music Credits

Music used in this game is available on the Free Music Archive by the following artists. Thanks!

Install instructions

Simply download and run the executable!


MassacreMonday.zip 8 MB
MassacreMondayOSX.zip 8 MB